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Sheetrock finisher on the jobLooking to get some new sheetrock put up?

Or maybe you need to get a few holes in your walls fixed.

What We Can Do

We are professional drywall installers.

We work on both new construction and existing homes.

For repair projects, we will inspect your home, repair what can be repaired, and cut out and replace what needs to be replaced.

When we’re done, all the new work will match the existing style of the house.

And we work with homeowners, business owners, contractors and landlords.

Drywall Installation – Remodeling and New

There are five basic steps to a new installation process:

1. Delivery of gypsum drywall to the work location.
2. Installing (or hanging) the sheets to the walls.
3. Cleaning up and removal of waste and unused product.
4. Taping of the joint seams and applying joint compound.
5. Finishing, sanding and texturing.

When these steps are completed, your new wall and ceiling areas are ready to paint.

We can do all of these steps for you, or, if you like, just some of them.

For example, in most situations, the interior of a garage may get drywalled, but it won’t end up being painted, so the final step of finishing and sanding is usually skipped.

If you want, we can just install the product to the walls and ceiling and let you do the rest.

Or we can install special moisture-proof fiberglass-based boards in moisture prone areas, or backer board products such as cement board on walls where you want to attach tile.

Or if you have your sheetrock up already, we can come and just do the taping, sanding and finishing.

We’re flexible.

Drywall Repair

Things happen.

Holes get put into sheetrock during Saturday night parties, Sunday afternoon football games, and by kids pretty much anytime.

If your house has just one hole, and it’s in an out-of-way place (like a closet), you can try and fix it yourself. A hole that is too big to be fixed with just joint compound sparkle needs to be patched.

Patches can be difficult tricky to do right. A homeowner’s first attempt at a patch often ends up looking like a bulge when it’s all done.

A hole in a very visible area should probably be handled by someone who has experience doing those types of repairs.

Repair Situations

Most calls for sheetrock repair fall into one of four basic groups:

  • Repairing an isolated single hole or crack.
  • Getting several old or damaged interior walls repaired and ready for repainting.
  • Cutting out and replacing water damaged sheetrock.
  • Doing larger scale replacements of an entire room or more.

Whatever size your repair project is, we are interested in helping.

Finishes and Options

We can leave your walls with any finish you like. We can do a variety of finishes, such as the following: Taping and Mudding the joints after installing

Completely unfinished – just taped, for unfinished work spaces or garages.

Smooth finish – no texture, ready for paint or wallpaper.

Simple texture – adds a little extra dimension.

Complex texture – hand-troweled and more difficult.

Texture matching – your new surfaces match your existing ones.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Was your house built using popcorn ceiling texture?

We can remove it and replace it with a light, modern texture.

How We Work

We are a full service drywall contractor.

Our goal is to provide affordable, good-quality results.

We use only top quality products, safety equipment and tools to get your job done quickly and safely.

Our staff is safe, clean and respectful of your property. They strive to protect your belongings from dust and damage.

We leave no mess behind. We clean up and haul away all our trash and scrap.

We work on a range of home improvement projects from expensive custom homes to basic remodeling projects and multi-family or industrial buildings.

We work with homeowners, general contractors building contractors, developers investors landlords and business property owners.

Cost of Drywall Delivery, Installation or Repair

We provide free estimates. Experienced contractor

Your cost will depend mostly on the size of the job and how much of the job you would like us to do.

Since there can be so many variables, it’s best to just talk to us on the phone to get a quote.

What About Painting?

If you want us to paint your interior walls and ceiling, we are happy to do that too.

If you would rather do it yourself, or arrange for a separate painting contractor to do it, that is fine with us too.

Do We Work In Your Neighborhood?

We can work with almost any property owner we are close enough to.

So give us a call.

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Do You Work in My Area?

We work on homes and businesses in Washington State, northwest Oregon and the greater Bay Area.

Give us a call and we can discuss it.



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