Claremont Dry Wall Contractor and Services

Residential sheetrock handyman working on the jobAre you thinking about adding new walls and ceiling to a room or two?

Or it could be your home has a few areas where the ceiling or wall need fixing.

What Your Local Company Does

They are qualified ceiling and wall installers.

If you have a room which needs fixing, they can do that.

And they also work on new construction too.

They take on all sorts of repair assignments.

While some projects are big replacements of damaged sheetrock, others involve only a sheetrock patch or two.

They work in all kinds of properties.

They may be single houses, apartments or business properties.

Claremont Drywall Delivery and Installation Company

There are five stages to each new installation process:

1. Bringing the gypsum drywall to the work area.
2. Putting up the sheets on the walls or ceiling.
3. Tidying up and removal of project waste and unneeded material.
4. Taping the seams and joints and putting on joint compound.
5. Sanding, finishing and texturing.

When step five is finished, you can begin painting.

They normally finish the whole project, from delivery through to the final texturing, but sometimes clients want them to complete just a few of the steps instead.

For example, if you’d like to attempt your own taping and mudding, they can just deliver it and hang it up on your walls so that you can finish later on.

Or some property owners already have their sheetrock up, they just need someone to tape, mud, sand and finish it right. So they call.

They can also install specific styles of boards, such as moisture resistant fiberglass boards for use in bathrooms, or boards that will be needed to hold up heavy tile.

They’re very flexible.

Claremont Drywall Repairing

Things happen around the house. They get it.

Sheetrock might get wrecked in many different ways.

It does not take very much effort to put a hole or dent in a wall or ceiling.

If your house has only just one hole, and that hole is at a place where most folks will never see it, you can try to fix it yourself by applying a patch.

In many cases, the replacement patch which a property owner puts on doesn’t look too terrific after it’s all done and dried.

It usually takes a little practice to blend the old with the new and get the finish just right.

A hole or dent in a ceiling is harder to conceal than one in a wall.

They suggest you speak to a pro to do a ceiling patch repair job, unless your ceiling is in a secluded room.

When they’re done, your replaced work will match up with the existing style of the house.

What is Your Repair Category?

The following four areas are the most typical repairs:

  • Patching or fixing an isolated simple hole or break.
  • Getting some old or dinged interior walls or ceiling restored and all ready for painting.
  • Removing and updating pieces of spoiled sheetrock.
  • Doing big scale replacement of an entire room or more.

No matter how small or complicated your upcoming project is, they hope to help you out.

Texturing Your Walls and Ceiling

There might be an option relating to the surface finish that goes on your new walls.

These are the general choices:Old sheetrock is exchanged for new impact-resistant sheets

Completely unfinished surface – just taped, designed for unfinished work places or garages.

Smooth finish – zero added texture, completely ready for paint or wallpaper.

Basic texture – supplies a little bit more dimension.

Complicated texture – hand-troweled and more difficult to get done.

Texture match – make your replacement materials match your old ones.

Claremont Popcorn Ceiling Removal

A large number of homes were constructed with that old sprayed-on popcorn ceiling effect.

If you want to remove your current ceiling surfaces, they can do it.

They’ll replace it with a surface which is more modern.

Get Helped Out

They are a dependable group of experienced Southern California drywall installers and finishers.

Their objective is to supply economical, good results.

All the material they use for your project will be good quality.

They use the best equipment and tools to get your project finished correctly.

They all do their best and keep the clutter as small as possible and protect your home and property from dirt and dust.

There is no mess for you.

They know how to clean up after themselves when the job is finished and cart away the excess material and garbage.

They work on a variety of renovation jobs from high-priced custom residences to simple repair tasks and multiple family or business buildings.

You have choices with who you work with.

They hope you’ll choose to call.

The Cost of Drywall Installation in Northern Pomona

They give out a free estimate.

The final price is mostly dependent upon how much material is needed and how long it takes to put it up and finish it.

Sometimes it’s difficult to provide a price estimate on the phone, but they will try.

Get the Painting Started

They can arrange to get your new walls and ceiling painted.

They could do that if you want them to.

However, in case you’re keen on doing all your own priming and painting, that is fine with them also.

Where Do They Work?

They do lots of jobs in areas near Claremont College, College Heights, Foothill Freeway, Claremont High School, Pomona College and Harvey Mudd College.


Where is Service Available?

Call if your property is near College Heights, Foothill Freeway, Claremont High School, Pomona College, Harvey Mudd College and other northern Pomona neighborhoods.

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