A Company to Fix Your Wall or Ceiling Problem in Fullerton

Residential sheetrock finisherAre you thinking about putting in new walls and a ceiling?

Or it could be you just need some repairs with a wall or ceiling.

How These Folks Help

These are hard-working north Orange County ceiling and wall installers.

They take on jobs of all sizes – minor homeowner repairs, new construction, basement renovation or modest commercial projects.

On a standard repair assignment, they will patch and repair what can be patched and repaired.

Other parts may have to be cut out and replaced.

If you’re a homeowner or you manage a commercial property, they would be happy to talk with you.

Drywall Installation Near Fullerton – Remodeling or New

The act of adding sheetrock can involve several different steps:

1. The order of drywall sheets is transported to the job area.
2. The sheets are attached to the walls and ceiling.
3. The project trash and extra product is gotten rid of, and the work area is cleaned up.
4. The joint seams and screws are taped and concealed with joint compound.
5. The surfaces are sanded, finished and textured.

When your surfaces are finished and dry, you can break open the paint cans and begin painting.

They usually take care of the entire job, from delivery through to the last finishing, but sometimes clients want them to work on just some of the steps instead.

As an example, in case you are serious about doing your own mudding and taping, they can just deliver and do the installation, and you can take it from there.

If you are interested in installing it by yourself, they could come afterwards and just do the taping, mudding and finishing.

They can also put in specialized styles of sheets, like moisture resistant boards to be used in tub areas, or boards that will be needed to hold up heavy tile.

They’re very flexible.

Fullerton Drywall Repair – Patching and Fixing

Accidents and other problems will happen when you own a house.

Sheetrock gets wrecked by incidents and by plumbing failures on a regular basis.

It is very common for a wall or ceiling to get a hole or get damaged by a leaking water line.

A homeowner might try and repair one or two simple holes if those holes are not in a real prominent space.

Little holes are remedied with patches and joint compound.

When a homeowner applies a wall patch, sometimes it ends up looking terrific, but most of the time it doesn’t look perfect.

It’s harder than it looks. It could take some practice to make it to look good.

If your damage is in a main area, you could be better off having an experienced technician manage the patching and texturing.

You don’t want neighbors to look at an unsightly patch whenever they step into your house.

In the final day of a repair, they work on the surface of the new or repaired finishes to be sure they match up with the surfaces of the existing walls or ceilings in the remainder of the room.

Categories of Repairs

Listed below are four of the most common repair situations:

  • Fixing or patching one or two different holes or dents.
  • Correcting a few trouble spots so some walls or rooms can be repainted.
  • Removing and replacing sheets of sheetrock spoiled by moisture or something else.
  • Doing the removal and replacement of a whole room or two. Commonly because of a water problem or other event.

No matter if your job is small or big, they’ll get it done on schedule and under your budget.

Ceiling and Wall Finishes

You could have a couple of choices concerning the surface finish they make on your new walls.

Here are a few of the options:A residential remodeling job receiving new sheetrock

Fully unfinished – merely taped, best for unfinished work or storage spaces or garage areas.

Smooth finish – zero added texture, waiting for paint or wallpaper.

Basic texture – provides a little extra dimension.

Complex texture – requires additional troweling and is more tricky to do.

Texture matching – make your replacement wall surfaces match with your old ones.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Fullerton

There were some years when most house ceilings in this area were sprayed with that popcorn ceiling texture.

Wanna remove it?

They could get rid of it and replace it.

Doing the Work

They are on the list of leading local commercial drywall contractors.

They do their best to provide top project results at a good price.

The products they use are the best quality.

And they work with the best gear and tools to complete the job the right way.

This team is dependable, neat and considerate of your property.

They try to protect your possessions from work dust and injury.

When the project is completed, they get rid of the leftover material and any trash.

While most projects are in individual houses, they also work at businesses, restaurants and other industrial buildings.

It doesn’t matter who you are – a homeowner, landlord, commercial property manager – they can most likely take care of your project.

The Cost of Drywall in Fullerton

Get your free estimate.

Your expense will depend mostly on two things – the amount of material they use and how many hours it will take them to finish the job.

They want to provide you with a reliable estimate, and the best way to do that is with a quick phone call.

What About the Painting?

It you decide you want them to handle the painting, they will make sure that it gets done right.

If you like to do your own painting, or if you hope to use a different painter to do it, they will be okay with whatever your choice is.

Where in Northern OC Do They Work?

They do lots of jobs north of Anaheim in areas near Craig Regional Park, Coyote Hills Golf Course, Hillcrest Park, Cal State Fullerton, Town Center, Orangethorpe Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue.


Where is Service Available?

So if you’re north of Anaheim or near Craig Regional Park, Coyote Hills Golf Course, Hillcrest Park, Cal State Fullerton, Town Center, Orangethorpe Avenue or Commonwealth Avenue – give them a call.

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