Land Park Drywall and Sheetrock Service

Sheetrock installation specialist on the jobGot a renovating project going on?

Maybe your house has a few spots where the ceiling or wall need fixing.

Get Help With Your Renovation Project Here in Sacramento

Talk with a local area company that has been in the renovation and restoration industry a long time.

Much of their jobs are with existing buildings, performing repairs and restoration, but they also complete new construction projects too.

They take on all repair jobs. Some involve simply patching a hole or two.

Other jobs involve getting rid of and replacing complete or partial pieces of sheetrock.

They do their work in homes, multi-unit residential properties and industrial buildings.

Land Park and Curtis Park Drywall Delivery – Installation Service

Your sheetrock installation process essentially follows these five stages:

1. Trucking the gypsum drywall sheets to the work location.
2. Installing each sheet on the walls or ceiling.
3. Cleanup and removal of project waste and unneeded product.
4. Taping the joint seams and applying joint compound to seams and screws.
5. Sanding, finishing and applying texture.

You can get started with your painting once these jobs are completed.

They could perform each of the five steps for you, or you could have them just do one or a couple of them.

For instance, some property owners may have them handle just the delivery and installing of the sheetrock.

They will have someone else perform the sanding and texture application steps down the road.

If you want to install it yourself, you can have them show up later and just finish the taping, mudding and finishing work.

If you need special boards for high moisture locations, or for walls which will have heavy tile attached to them, they can supply and put in those kinds of sheets too.

They believe they can deliver whatever service you need.

Drywall Repair Service Near Land Park and Hollywood Park

Accidents happen.

Holes and dents get put into walls all the time. And frequently by the strangest circumstances. (They have heard all the stories.)

If your place has only one hole or dent, and that problem is at a location that isn’t too visible, you might like to try to repair it on your own by using a patch.

A wall patch is an easy technique, but it requires a little practice to figure out how to do it.

Lots of patch jobs do not come out looking so great. And the larger they are, the harder they are.

They normally suggest that holes in the most public places of a house – family room, kitchen, dining room, etc – be done by an experienced person.

When they’re finished, all the new work will match the present style of the house.

Basic Repairs

The following four categories are the most common repairs we see:

  • Patching or repairing an isolated simple hole or break.
  • Making one or more worn out or broken interior walls or ceiling fixed and ready for paint.
  • Eliminating and updating pieces of ruined drywall.
  • Engaging in large size removal and replacement of one room or even more.

No matter if your repairs are little or big, they hope they could give you a hand with it.

The Final Texture

Replacement ceilings and walls are normally textured. Below are the normal choices on finishes:Mold resistant drywall is installed in high moisture areas

Totally unfinished surface – only taped, meant for unfinished work or storage areas or garage areas.

Smooth finish – no added texture, all ready for paint or wallpaper.

Basic texture – will add some extra depth.

Complex texture – requires additional troweling and is more tricky to do.

Texture matching – make your new materials match up with your old ones.

Replacing a Popcorn Ceiling near Land Park

Many homeowners have tired of the sprayed-on popcorn ceiling texture fad.

They can get rid of that finish and put on a lighter, more contemporary texture.

Help You Out in Central Sacramento

This company concentrates on home interior projects such as ceiling and wall repairs and replacements.

They try to carry out affordable work which make their clients happy.

They don’t install any bargain materials. All the materials are good quality.

They have all the professional tools necessary to get your project done quickly.

They do their best and keep the mess down and protect your house and property from dirt and dust.

There is no mess left for you. They know how to clean up after themselves and carry away the scrap and rubbish.

They work on a selection of remodeling projects from costly custom homes to fundamental remodeling projects and multiple-family or industrial buildings.

They’ve finished assignments for individual owners, commercial managers and building contractors. They would be interested in handling your project too.

Cost of Drywall Installation Near Land Park or Brentwood

Everyone’s project will be different. They will be happy to give you a quote.

They will need to find out how many services they will be providing and the size of the areas that will be worked on.

The ideal way to offer a quote is to see the impending project site, however if you can call, they can review the details over the phone.

Do You Want To Do the Painting?

If you don’t have a different option for who is going to paint those new or restored walls and ceiling, they will deal with that job for you too.

But if you want to hire someone different to paint it, or if you want to do it yourself, that’s OK with them.

They Work in Your Area

The service area includes the south and central areas of Sacramento, Land Park, Curtis Park, Brentwood, The Airport area, Hollywood Park and the 95818 zip code area.



Do You Work in My Part of NorCal?

If your house or property is in or near Land Park, Curtis Park, the Airport, Brentwood, Hollywood Park or the 95818 zip code – give them a call.


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