Your Rancho Cordova Wall or Ceiling Project

Sheetrock taping and plastering happening nowDo you have one or more areas that could use new walls or ceilings put in?

Or it could be you have an old wall or ceiling or two which doesn’t look so great.

You want to have walls patched and fixed so you can repaint them.

Find Someone To Do Installations and Repairs in Rancho Cordova

This company mainly puts in and repairs sheetrock interior walls and ceilings.

They’re happy to work on any project you have. Whether it’s a basement home improvement, small commercial structure or some simple repairs.

Restoration jobs can include patching holes or cutting out and exchanging bad parts of sheetrock.

Installers regularly work with homeowners who are doing renovating projects. They can also carry out new construction jobs for contractors.

Drywall Installation Near Rancho Cordova – Remodeling or New

There are several general steps to a new installation process:

1. Bring the gypsum drywall sheets to the work location.
2. Install the sheets onto the ceiling or walls.
3. Clear up and get rid of garbage and unneeded material.
4. Tape the joint seams between sheets and apply joint compound to every joint and screw head.
5. Finish, smooth, sand and apply some texture to the surface areas.

After the surface areas are finished, they’re set for painting.

While, in most cases, they take care of the whole work process, some homeowners want them to do only a few steps of the operation.

As an example, if you wish, they can just mount the sheetrock to the walls and ceiling and allow you to finish the job by yourself.

Some owners already have their ceilings and walls up, so they just need someone to do the seam taping and finishing and making it ready to paint.

They can also put in specialized styles of boards, like moisture-proof boards to be used in tub areas, or stronger boards which will be used to hold up ceramic tile.

They’re pretty flexible with the work they can do.

Drywall Repair East of Sacramento

Your repair person understands that things can happen.

Sheetrock can get wrecked in many different ways. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make a hole or dent in a wall or ceiling.

If your wall or ceiling has a hole in it, and the hole isn’t in a room that other people go in, you could try to repair it yourself by putting on a patch.

Homeowner wall patches don’t always look the best.

It’s difficult to get the surfaces level and the surface texture appropriate so that it all matches up after it’s painted.

If your damage is in a primary space, you could be better off having an experienced technician handle the patching and texturing.

You don’t want people to look at an unattractive patch when they step into your home.

They finish and texture your new or repaired materials to match the surfaces of your existing walls or ceiling.

What’s Your Repair Category?

The majority of property owner repair calls can be slotted into one of these four common groupings:

  • Fixing a couple of separate holes or cracks.
  • Mending a few bad panels so some walls or room can be repainted.
  • Taking out and replacing sheets of drywall ruined by moisture.
  • Doing the removal and replacement of a whole room or two. Often due to a water problem or other event.

From little problem mending to large renovations and repairs, you can get someone with experience getting it done.

Your Surface Options

What about the finish of your refinished walls? What type should you get? Listed below are the possibilities:New sheetrock finally

Fully unfinished surface – just taped, best for unfinished work or storage places or garage areas.

Smooth surface finish – zero extra texture, all ready for painting or wallpaper.

Simple texture – contains a little more depth.

Complex texture – height and dimension added and is more challenging to do.

Texture matching – your new materials match your old ones.

Rancho Cordova Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Many people aren’t thrilled with popcorn ceiling texture.

If you are interested, they could scrape off and replace your older popcorn ceiling surface with a better looking one.

They Can Help Out in East Sacramento

This company specializes in providing interior ceiling and wall projects around our area of the state.

Their plan is to complete your job promptly, at the price you expected and have you like the outcome.

They only use professional equipment and safety tools to finish your job quick and safely.

And the products they put into your home are top quality.

Your work crew is safe, neat and considerate of your property.

They make an effort to shield your belongings from dust and damage.

When the work is completed, the last step is to haul out the surplus materials and rubbish they produced.

Their work projects are varied. They work a lot in individual residences, but they also work in a a number of commercial buildings as well.

They can work with homeowners, business property owners and local contractors.

Just let them know what your situation is.

What is This Going to Cost Me?

They will get you a price estimate for their services.

Your cost will depend mostly on how big is the job and how much of the project you want them to do for you.

The easiest way to give a good cost estimate is in person, but that isn’t always possible.

The second best way is by making a quick call.

It’s Got to Be Painted Too

They can make plans to paint your new or repaired walls and ceilings if you want them to.

However, in case you’re keen on doing your own priming and painting, that’s alright with them too.

Can They Work in Your Neighborhood?

They work in many of the areas east of Sacramento such as Rancho Cordova and the 95670, 95742 and 95741 zip code areas.



Do You Work in My Neighborhood?

So if you’re in or near the 95742, 95741 or 95670 zip code area – call.


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