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Sheetrock taping and plastering occurring inside a residential spaceDo you have a few areas that need new walls or ceilings put in?

Maybe you have a split, hole or seam you want to get repaired.

What Work Gets Done in NorCal

This company mostly puts in and repairs sheetrock ceilings and walls.

If you have a renovation project, they can do that for you. They can also perform repairs, big or small.

They perform all kinds of repair work. Some involve merely patching a hole or two. Different jobs involve extracting and upgrading complete or partial sections of sheetrock.

And they can help both single homeowners and business property managers. Whatever you want to get done, they can probably take care of it for you.

Want Drywall Delivered to Your Richmond or El Cerrito Home?

A usual installation operation takes five basic steps:

1. Truck the drywall sheets to the work place.
2. Install (or hang) the sheets to the walls.
3. Clear up and remove trash and unused product.
4. Tape the joint seams between sheets and apply joint compound to each taped area or screw head.
5. Finish, smooth, sand and texture the surfaces.

When these actions are complete, the new ceiling and wall areas are ready to paint.

In most circumstances, they will do all the activities, from start to finish, but once in a while a property owner asks them to do just one or two of the steps.

For instance, if you want them to only deliver it, put it up on your ceiling and walls, and then leave the rest of the process for another time, that is a project they can do too.

Some people want to screw the sheets up by themselves, and they just want someone to return later on and do the taping, mudding and finish steps.

Besides regular drywall, they can also install moisture resistant boards for use in washrooms or around sinks. And they put in the right type of cement board for walls where you will be attaching ceramic tile.

They’re flexible. They can provide the services you need.

Drywall Repair in Richmond or Kensington

Accidents happen.

Dents and holes get accidentally put into ceilings and walls all the time. And plumbing problems wreck plenty of sheetrock as well.

If your sheetrock problem is one or two small holes, you might take a chance on repairing it yourself. Your local hardware store will have drywall patching products you can try.

Most homeowner installed wall patches don’t look that great. Wall patches normally take some practice to figure out how to do them right.

While you can certainly have a go with small wall repairs, we recommend getting a pro come in and handle the bigger repair projects or handle repairs that are in the primary, public spots of your home.

During the final days of a repair, they work on the surface of the new finishes to make certain they match up with the surfaces of the current walls or ceilings in the rest of the room or home.

What’s Your Repair Situation?

Many jobs are in one of four distinct situations:

  • Repairing a solitary hole or dent.
  • Making a number of aged or dented interior walls or ceiling fixed and all ready for paint.
  • Cutting out and replacing water ruined drywall.
  • Working on large scale replacement of a whole room or more.

They can help you no matter how small or big your upcoming repairs are.

The Final Texture

You could have a couple of choices concerning the final finish they leave on your new walls. Here are a few of the options:A residential redecorating job is receiving replacement sheetrock

Completely unfinished surface – only taped, designed for unfinished work or storage rooms or garages.

Smooth surface finish – zero added texture, all set for paint or wallpaper.

Basic texture – has a little extra depth.

Greater texture – height and dimension added and more challenging to do.

Texture matching – your replacement wall surfaces match with your original ones.

Richmond Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Are your ceilings sprayed with that popcorn ceiling composition?

A local pro can get rid of that finish and put on a lighter, more modern texture.

Let Them Do the Job in the East Bay

This company specializes in doing interior wall and ceiling jobs all around the East Bay.

They offer top results while charging sensible project rates.

They bring along the right tools and equipment to get your project done quickly and done correctly. Plus they use only the top materials for your job, so they will resist dents and be long lasting.

Your crews are tidy and courteous. They try their hardest to reduce the mess and dust these renovation projects can generate.

They leave no mess behind when they’re done. They clean up and take away the rubbish and scrap.

Most of the efforts are completed in older homes, but they also work for contractors in new building as well.

They’ve finished projects for individual owners, commercial managers and local contractors. They would be interested in handling your project too.

Drywall Installation Cost In Richmond or El Cerrito

If you’re wondering what your job will cost, they will write up an estimate for you.

The end price is primarily dependent upon how much material will be used and how long it will take to install and finish it.

Since there might be a few different factors around your prospective job, the easiest way to find out more is through a quick phone call.

Who Is Going To Paint All This?

As soon as your interior walls and ceiling are ready, they will start painting them if you’d like them to.

If you’re thinking about doing the painting yourself, that’s okay too.

Their Northern California Service Area

They can visit many properties in north Oakland and up to Richmond, El Cerrito, Kensington and the 94804 and 94530 zip codes.



Do You Work in My Part of NorCal?

They work on homes and business properties around the East Bay neighborhoods of Richmond, El Cerrito and Kensington, plus the 94808 and 94530 zip codes.


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