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Sheetrock texture specialist working on the jobGot some form of renovation project going on?

Or it could be you have an older wall or ceiling or two that doesn’t look so great. Maybe you’re interested in having them patched and fixed so you can repaint them.

We Help Fix Properties Around the South Bay

Our business specialty is building and repairing ceilings and walls in houses and other structures.

We accept jobs of many sizes – small homeowner repairs, new construction, basement upgrading or modest commercial projects.

The majority of our maintenance jobs are as a result of either one-time accidents, continual rough behavior or damage from water.

We do our work in homes, industrial properties and multiple family buildings.

Downtown San Jose Drywall Delivery Service

A standard installation operation has five basic steps:

1. The order of drywall sheets is delivered to the work space.
2. The sheets are attached to the walls and ceiling.
3. The project trash and extra product is gotten rid of, and the area is cleaned.
4. The joint seams and screws are taped and covered with joint compound.
5. The surfaces are sanded, finished and given a final texture.

When your new surfaces are given a final texture and all dry, you can start painting.

We normally finish the whole project, from delivery through to the final texturing, but sometimes clients want us to do just a few of the steps instead.

For example, some property owners want us to only do the delivery, or only do the delivery and the major installation part of the process, and let them do the rest.

If you would like to install it by yourself, you can have us come later and finish the taping, mudding and sanding work.

We can also install specialized boards that will withstand moisture in areas like bathrooms and shower areas. And we have special wall boards used in spots where you will be putting heavy tile.

Whatever stage you’re at in the installation process, we can help you out with it.

Dependable Drywall Repair in San Jose

We understand things can happen.

A hole can accidentally get put in your living room wall. It happens.

When your wall or ceiling has only a single hole or dent, it’s possible that you can try and correct it by putting on a drywall replacement patch, which you can buy at almost any hardware store.

Putting on a patch is not as simple as it appears. Many homeowners can’t get it blended in right and the texture doesn’t match too well.

While we urge property owners to not be scared to take on little repair projects, we usually believe that bigger repairs, especially when they are in primary areas of a house, be handled by a pro.

Some homeowners are concerned that their new surfaces will not match well with their older surfaces, but we pay attention to make sure that they will.

Repair Scenarios

Almost all drywall repair calls can be put into one of four different categories:

  • Patching or fixing an isolated individual hole or trouble area.
  • Getting some unattractive or broken interior walls or ceiling restored and all ready for paint.
  • Cutting out and updating sections of water ruined drywall.
  • Arranging bigger scale removal and replacement of one room or more.

Regardless of whether your upcoming job is big or small, we will have it done on schedule and within your budget.

Finish Options

While we are finishing up your walls or ceiling, we could leave them with the style of finish you wish. Listed here are the alternatives:Taping and surfacing the joints after installment

Entirely unfinished surface – just taped, suited for unfinished work rooms or garage areas.

Smooth surface finish – no texture, all ready for painting or wallpaper.

Simple texture – gives a little bit more dimension.

Complex texture – requires additional troweling and more challenging to do.

Texture matching – your replacement wall surfaces match your old ones.

San Jose Popcorn Ceiling Removal

The trend of spraying a ceiling with that popcorn texture was really popular years back. Now, most homeowners do not view it as well.

We know how to take it off and put on a more contemporary looking surface.

Why Call Us

We are a good dry wall and ceiling repair and replacement contractor.

If we work for you, we do our best so you will appreciate the results and the entire process.

We install only strong products, and we make use of tools and gear that lets us get your job finalized as quick as possible.

Having people working in your home might get a little stressful. We understand. We will do what we can to keep the whole process as easy as we can. Plus, we try to keep the work dust contained to a small area too.

We make sure to leave your worksite exactly like how we first found it. When we’re finished, we carry away all the junk and discarded material we made during the job.

We do a variety of jobs. We complete simple ceiling and wall repairs, specialty work at expensive residences, and commercial projects for business owners.

We do work for individual homeowners and business owners, building contractors and landlords. Maybe we can do a project for you too.

Drywall Installation Cost

Everyone’s job will be different. We are very happy to provide you with an estimate.

Your cost will depend mostly on the size of the job and how much of the job you would like us to undertake.

We want to provide you with a reliable quote, and the best way to do that is with a brief phone call.

Next Step – Painting

If you don’t want to start painting it on your own, we can always tackle that part of the job also.

A number of homeowners like to paint. So if you want to undertake the painting, just let us know.

Do We Work In Your Bay Area Neighborhood?

You can normally find us working around the South Bay, especially downtown San Jose and the Buena Vista, Chinatown, Burbank, Japantown, San Jose State, Rose Garden neighborhoods, plus the 95113, 95112 and 95110 zips.

Besides the downtown areas, we also go out to most of the suburbs and neighboring cities and towns: Berryessa, Cambrian Park, Campbell, Cupertino, East San Jose, Edenvale, Evergreen, Los Gatos, Milpitas, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Santa Teresa, Saratoga, Sunnyvale, West San Jose, Willow Glen.

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Do You Work in My Part of NorCal?

We work at homes and business properties around the downtown San Jose neighborhoods of Rose Garden, San Jose State, Japantown, Buena Vista, Burbank, Chinatown and 95113, 95110 and 95112 zip codes.


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