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Sheetrock and plaster specialist almost ready for paintInterested in having a pro install some new interior walls or ceiling?

Maybe you have a separation or problem in a wall or ceiling you would like mended.

Working With Homeowners Around North Bay

This company chiefly puts up and fixes sheetrock interior walls and ceilings.

They service both existing homes and new building projects.

For a repair project, they patch and repair what they can patch. Other bad sections have to be cut out and replaced.

And they work at residential, industrial or commercial properties around the areas far north of San Francisco.

San Rafael Drywall Delivery and Installing

Here is the typical schedule for getting new sheetrock installed at your property:

1. The order of drywall sheets is brought to the work space.
2. The sheets are attached to the ceiling and walls.
3. The job trash and extra material is hauled away, and the area is cleaned.
4. The joint seams between sheets and the anchoring screws are taped and covered with joint compound.
5. The surfaces are sanded, finished and given a texture.

The moment the fifth step is completed, you can begin painting.

It’s your choice as to what number of these actions they complete for you. Most homeowners have them manage all five, but they could do just one or two of them if you prefer.

As an example, it’s possible that the property owner isn’t ready for painting the walls or ceiling right away, so they have them ignore the last finishing and texturing steps.

If you want to install it yourself, you could have them come later and complete the taping, mudding and sanding work.

They can also install special styles of sheets, like moisture-proof boards for use in bathrooms, or boards which will be used to hold up heavy tile.

They can carry out any section of the install process.

San Rafael Drywall Companies

Look, stuff happens.

Dents and holes get accidentally put into ceilings and walls all the time. And plumbing problems damage a lot of sheetrock as well.

If the trouble with your property is simply a solitary hole, it’s possible you could correct it yourself by using a wall patch kit.

Applying a wall patch is a straightforward technique, but a person generally needs to do it a couple of times before they become good at doing it. Don’t be surprised if your first effort does not look great.

Homeowners can often try modest patch repairs in personal rooms of the home, but we think all very noticeable repairs should be sorted out by a trained person in order to have the job done really well.

When they do repairs, the final step is to make the new surfaces match the existing ones.

Varieties of Repairs

Most of the maintenance jobs can fall into one of the following categories:

  • Fixing or patching a couple of separate holes or seam splits.
  • Repairing a few bad sheets so some walls or rooms can get painted.
  • Getting rid of and replacing sheets of drywall damaged by water.
  • Completing the elimination and replacement of a whole area. Commonly because of a water disaster or other event.

From simple problem solving to large replacements and repairs, they have the experience doing it.

The Final Texture

You could have a couple of decisions concerning the surface finish we make on your new walls. Here are a few of the possible choices:A commercial redecorating assignment for new sheetrock

Simply unfinished surface – only taped, suitable for unfinished work spaces or garages.

Smooth surface finish – no added texture, waiting for painting or wallpaper.

Basic texture – supplies some extra depth.

Greater texture – requires additional troweling and more tricky to do.

Texture matching – make your replacement surfaces match with your original ones.

Get Rid of a Popcorn Ceiling

Was your house constructed having sprayed-on popcorn ceiling composition?

A pro can take it off and put on a more contemporary looking finish.

Get Your Job Done

This is an experienced dry wall and ceiling repair and replacement contractor.

Their objective is to have you like the results, the cost and the process.

They don’t use any low-budget materials. All the materials are top quality. They have all the professional equipment essential to get the project finished quick.

Any type of home improvement project can stir up lots of dust. This staff does their best to keep your dust and dirt to a minimum.

Many jobs generate a little clutter, but they will bag up and take away all the garbage they created, plus any unneeded material.

They have experience carrying out all types of work projects. They work at residences, apartments and industrial buildings, and finishing up repairs and renovations.

You have choices with who you work with. You decide who to call.

The Cost of Drywall Installation in San Rafael and North Bay

Everyone’s house job will be different. They are happy to provide you with a quote.

Your total cost will depend on the size and range of the project. While they can be very much the same, most situations are relatively unique.

The ideal way to provide a estimate is to actually see the impending job work site, but if you can call, they should be able to review the information on the phone.

It’s Time for Painting

If you do not have someone lined up for the priming and painting stage of the process, they can handle that job and get it done for you as well.

Plenty of homeowners want to do their own painting. Just let them know which path you want to go.

Are You Working in My Neighborhood?

The service area includes the far north San Francisco suburbs and up into the North Bay.

They can handle your project in the areas such as San Quentin, Corte Madera, Larkspur, Mill Valley and the 94901 and 94903 zips.



Do You Work in My Part of NorCal?

They work on homes and business properties around the North Bay Area neighborhoods of Larkspur, Corte Madera, Mill Valley, San Quentin and the 94901 and 94903 zip codes.


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