UC-Irvine District Drywall Related Services

Sheetrock finishing specialist working on the jobGot some kind of renovation project in the works?

Or it could be you have a hole or two you want to get mended.

What Your Local Company Does

These are veteran ceiling and wall installers.

They service both brand new construction and existing houses.

Lots of repair projects will need just a few patches and refinishing.

Other assignments call for eliminating and replacing pieces of sheetrock.

They work in a variety of properties.

They may be single homes, apartments or business properties.

Getting Drywall Installed at Your OC Property

Okay, here’s the basic procedure for getting sheetrock installed:

1. Bringing the gypsum drywall to the work site.
2. Installing the sheets to the walls or ceiling.
3. Cleaning up and taking away trash and unused material.
4. Taping of the joint seams and putting on joint compound.
5. Finishing, sanding and texturing.

When your surfaces are textured and dry, you’ll be able to open up the paint cans and start painting.

Most homeowners simply have them perform the full job, from beginning to end, but some have them just complete a few of those jobs.

As an example, if you wish, they can only install the sheetrock to the walls and ceiling and let you do the rest.

In some situations, a house or business property already has sheetrock hung, but it isn’t taped or finished yet, so they are called to drive over and finish it and get it all ready for painting.

Along with ordinary drywall, they can also use a stronger backer board product on the walls where you are planning on affixing tile.

They also have moisture resistant boards they use in shower and tub areas.

They’re flexible and they will work with your schedule.

Drywall Repair Near the UCI University District

Accidents happen. They understand.

Plumbing problems and human mishaps are the primary reasons behind sheetrock ceiling and wall damage. Holes, bruises and moisture damage happens.

Now, if you have one or two small holes or dents to fix up, you might probably try doing them yourself.

A hole too large for just joint compound needs to be patched.

When a property owner applies a wall patch, sometimes it looks good, but most of the time it doesn’t look perfect.

It’s more challenging than it looks. It might take some practice to make it look right.

Unless you are pretty good at doing sheetrock repairs, we suggest you use an experienced person to tackle difficult repairs or patch repairs that are in the primary front areas of your home.

When they are completing the repairs, the last phase is to make the repaired or new surfaces match the old surfaces.

This Is What They Do

Listed below are four of the most wide-spread repair circumstances:

  • Patching or fixing an isolated individual hole or break.
  • Getting one or more aged or broken interior walls repaired and all ready for repainting.
  • Eliminating and swapping out pieces of ruined sheetrock.
  • Doing big scale replacement of one room or maybe more.

From small projects to serious repairs, they could handle it.

Texturing Your Ceiling and Walls

You could have a few options regarding the style of finish your walls are left with.

Here are a few:Impact resistant product finishing

Totally unfinished surface – merely taped, suitable for unfinished work rooms or garage areas.

Smooth surface finish – no added texture, all set for painting or wallpaper.

Basic texture – will add a little extra depth.

Complicated texture – height and dimension added and is more work to do.

Texture matching – make your new wall surfaces match up with your existing ones.

Replacing a Popcorn Ceiling

The idea of spraying a ceiling with that popcorn ceiling texture was really popular in the past.

Right now, the majority of homeowners do not view it as highly.

They can easily remove your outdated, messy popcorn ceiling surface texture and exchange it with a clean, smooth one.

Give You a Hand With Remodels

They are a hard-working group of experienced drywall installers and refinishers.

Their aim is to produce affordable, good results.

All the product they use in your project are high quality.

They use the best equipment and tools to get your project finished perfectly.

Worried about the mess?

Most renovations and wall repairs create a some clutter and dust.

They do everything they can to keep the dust and dirt they generate is kept into one area only.

There will be no mess left for you.

They know how to clean up after themselves when the project is finished and carry away the scrap and trash.

They get asked to do a wide range of work in individual houses, but they also work inside retail buildings.

They do jobs for individual homeowners and commercial owners, contractors and landlords.

Maybe they could do a job for you too.

The Cost of Drywall in the U District of Irvine

Most people prefer to receive an estimate.

They will do that for you.

Your total cost will mostly depend on the size and scope of the work.

While they can be very similar, many situations are relatively unique.

Since there is often a couple of elements around your job, the best way to find out more is through a brief phone call.

What About Painting?

If you would like them to paint your interior walls and ceilings, they’re able to do that too.

But if you want to hire someone different to paint it, or you want to do it yourself, that’s alright.

They Work All Over Town

They do lots of jobs around the west side, often in areas near University Hills, University Town Center, Bren Events Center, University Research Park, Mason Park or Aldrich Park.


Where is Service Available?

They do jobs all around the west side of town, often in areas like University Hills, University Town Center, UCI, Bren Events Center, University Research Park, Mason Park or Aldrich Park.

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